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The start of something....

I recently returned from an amazing conference in Scottsdale hosted by my dear friend Cat (Kitty Meow Boutique) and Allison (Allison Carter Celebrates) called the Ultimate Product Party.

Cat myself and Kevlyn at UPP on the stage

(Photo of my dear friend Kevlyn (one of the keynote speakers at UPP from Festive Gal, amazing Cat from Kitty Meow and UPP and myself)

I jumped out of my comfort zone ( a little ) and lead a round table on sharing your "why" and being a story based brand. My original talk was "sourcing from a third world country", but I felt like most of the people attending already had their products and their sourcing and I didn't want to have a table no one came to-so I did what Haiti prepared me so well for and I pivoted.

One of the many takeaways/action items I got from UPP was that I should maybe start a blog again, share my stories and the stories of Haiti and our artisans. They are my WHY, I spoke to six different round table groups of women about sharing your why and how important that is, I realized I could be doing that better myself.

(Photo of Kevlin and in the Barbie Box)

I blogged the entire time (well mostly) I was in Haiti and it is such a great record of memories and knowledge for myself. So here I am again, back at computer, ready to bring you all sorts of great stories from Haiti and happenings at Cedar and Cypress, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter or check back here regularly because along with the stores I hope to have some nuggets of inspiration and wisdom, share with you about all of the amazing brands and women I meet along my adventure and more!

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